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 "A little about myself to begin with, I Ramya have faced many challenges and obstacles in my life. 

I was trying to find some solace, peace and a greater appreciation for my very existence on earth 
which I have achieved during my journey into Yoga which I started over two years back.
 Initially I got into yoga purely based on the relaxation and calmness I got from each yoga session and felt  it was a great way to exercise and stretch my sore muscles from a lot of gyming I did back in the days. 
The joy and passion for yoga made me want to learn more about it and I went ahead and undertook 
the teachers training certificate course as well. I have been in constant touch with one of the teachers, Ratish, 
who is a part of Daily do yoga. He mentioned about the opening of this studio at Chennai
and I was very keen to attend some sessions at Daily do yoa which I must say were fantastic
 and lured me to take up membership at this studio. There is something incredibly nice about this place. 
The moment I enter the studio it gives me a very positive and soothing vibe and a feeling of contentment and appreciation. 
The people at the reception are so warm and pleasant and seeing their happy faces is a great start to my yoga session at the studio. 
The two studios are also very well lit, clean and the symbol "AUM" on the wall is glorious. 
Whilst doing yoga practice in the evening with the AUM gleaming on the wall has a therapeutic effect on one's self.
 The studio has many classes such as the Hatha, Flow Vinayasa, Ashtanga, Tratak 
and Meditation which gives me the option to try different classes and explore different aspects within yoga.
 The teachers in the studio are very experienced and have a lot of knowledge to impart. 
Learning yoga at Daily do yoga has transformed my life. It has made me connect with my inner self 
and helped me move away from getting caught up with my past or stressing about my future. 
It has taught me the act of acceptance and the power of NOW and learning to live today in the most beautiful way possible. 
The Vinayasa Flow classes with Ratish, is remarkable; flowing from posture to posture along with a focus on breath awareness has played 
an important role in my life as I find myself flowing from one situation to another without being caught up in it. 
It has also increased my flexibility. The teachers here are so knowledgeable and guide us to correct the alignments
 and postures of each student .The Ashtanga session with ratish was a new practice for me and his emphasis 
on breath has brought about self-awareness in me and I owe some of my great learnings to him and his very humble nature. 
Vanitha Mohan

 Dear Daily do yoga 

First of all, let me congratulate you all for the wonderful ambiance you have created at Dear Daily do yoga right from 
the Studio to the people who head it and the people who manage the centers at chennai Studios I frequently visit). 
It has been a pleasure to be a part of this movement and grow with you all as a person and 
a yoga enthusiast for the past 2 years. I must admit that I was skeptic about Yoga, 
before I joined Dear Daily do yoga. I was a regular Gym and Aerobic enthusiast and under the wrong impression that it was a 'slooowww' form of exercise and that I would be easily bored with the routines. 
But hell and high water how wrong was I ! It is here that I have to give all the credit to my teacher Ratish, for the Dear Daily do yoga  turn in my opinion of it. he is responsible for changing my attitude towards Yoga  as an 'experiential way of life', and for instilling the benefits of Yoga practice in such a smooth and yet definite way that I am changed both as a person and a fitness enthusiast.
Ratish as a teacher is a delight and an inspiration. he never rushes you into the practice.
 And he never makes you feel uncomfortable that you are not able to match up to some of the others 
who are more agile and fit. But at the same time, she inspires you with just the right amount of positive energy  to consistently improve on yourself, at your own pace. The very first thing I learnt to do properly 
under Ratish's guidance is JUST BREATHE. This was something I never realized I had taken for granted!! 
And it has become one of the main reasons for the sense of well being I now have everyday!
Ratish focuses on synchronizing the correct breathing techniques along with the Asanas which makes the practice  THAT MUCH MORE effective.The mixing up of the routines - from pure yoga to more modern and mixed versions of the same,  along with the incorporation of weight training techniques, has ensured Weight loss classes are different each day  and a complete experience by being so varied in styles and technique. Having been a Professor in a college  (SRM) for a few years, I know how important this subtle skill is to motivate your students with compassion  and sensitivity, while acknowledging their individual capacities. Ratish is truly one such teacher who is both competent and inspiring, knowledgeable and yet understated - a rare combination indeed.
It gives me much self satisfaction to say that under her expert guidance, I have lost 14 kgs in one and a half years  and am feeling over all healthier, lighter and fitter. I would love to loose another 10 kgs 
but phewww let me not be over ambitious!! :Do I know the path to true weight loss is slow and sustained effort  and I am SO confident that I will be able to get there with Ratish as my guru :)
Once again, I thank Ratish and you all at Dear Daily do yoga, for making this journey to health 
and fitness so memorable and enjoyable!

 "I've done yoga before. At least thought I did. Shady studios with saffron clad men in the Baba Ramdevmould muttering Oms  and putting me to sleep. So I wasn't particularly convinced that this would do anything for me. 

But I was desperate by then and I NEEDED to do something. A broken engagement earlier last year had left me stressed out  and extremely depressed. And it showed--acne, insomnia and weight gain (I am an emotional eater and turn to dessert  when I am down). I knew I needed to get back to exercising in the morning but I somehow couldn't stick to a gym.
 I came back from each workout session crankier, frazzled and more annoyed than ever. I know gyms work for most people,  in fact I was a bit of a gym rat myself earlier but somehow it didn't work for me this time round. 
It was almost on a whim that I stepped into the studio. I passed by it one day while walking and decided to simply  take a trial session. An Ashtanga class is a bit of a novelty for the uninitiated. 
What hits you first is the silence punctuated by nothing louder than the sound of breathing.
 The Ujjayi breath that I later discovered is said to keep the vital life force or prana circulating within the body. 
I sat down and waited for the class to start. It never did. Instead the people around me got up 
and began their Surya namaskars. I was a trifle flummoxed and wondered what I needed to do, 
until Ratish came, sat beside me and told me, "Sit, Breathe." 
He then led me through the Surya namaskars and a few asanas. I couldn't do too much, I remember but that day I slept  like a baby after nearly six months of tossing and turning. 
And so I came back. Over and over again. Ratish didn't push me-in fact he was almost impossibly slow in teaching me  new asanas. It annoyed me at first-- patience isn't a virtue that is has been doled out very generously to me. 
I want to see immediate results-I want to see the numbers drop quickly on the scale, 
I wanted to master the entire primary series, I wanted size zero, a six-pack and razor sharp collar 
bones to happen in a month. That didn't happen-the transformation was an evolutionary, not a sudden one.
 I dropped a few kilos, my skin cleared up and looked better, I began sleeping better. 
And because it was a gradual initiation, my body didn't get injured in the process. 
The real change was the slow, almost insidious awareness that crept in over the last few months. 
The simple pleasure of feeling the way your body responds just a little better every time you get on the mat. 
The way you make better food choices-simply because you begin to like your body better
 and therefore want to nurture and nourish it right. And weight becomes simply a number, not something that your sense of self-acceptance and worth, is hinged on. All forms of yoga is ultimately a journey into the self but for me, Ashtanga was the road that took me there. It manages to combine extreme physicality  with a deep ingrained spirituality-it truly is the marriage of the body and the mind. 
And honestly, I think the reason I love it so much is that both the space and the teacher, 
Ratish(though he scolds me for talking in class) is brilliant. 
I must admit, I'm addicted. I still hope for the taut body and all that ( vanity, thy name is woman after all)  but I'm also enjoying the process. Which is why, I continue to wake up at five in the morning and get onto my hot pink mat. I've begun to believe that as Sri K. PattabhiJois says, 'Do your practice and all is coming'."

 As part of my classes for therapy , Ratish has guided me and shown me how to maintain a sense of self-discipline  through his yogic expertise and training.I have been attending his classes for six months and so far  I have benefited extremely well in terms if the stable understated attitude I have learnt from him 

and its simultaneously beneficial orientation towards life and the challenges that it brings.
His classes are a pleasure to look forward to because of the food for thought it engenders in my mind.
His therapy is comforting and inspirational both at the same time , because of the mindful knowledge 
that is shared in its unfolding. To my classes I bring my silence , and its either returned through 
a joyful and playful response in terms of the simulatenous lack of seriousness yet
 one-pointed focus that it inspires , or the sterile discipline of yogic postures that train my breath 
and mind to unify within the body.As she states ' Yoga is a body ritual leading to spirituality ' .
His dedication and livewire awareness electrifies my mind to match up with hers , and in response , 
do justice to the wholesomeness and humility of the principles that she teaches.
My consciousness has travelled through a lack of confidence in outer circumstances and 
human behaviour in the beginning to a spirited effort to match and return the challenges of life to their
 fullest potential.I have learnt that prayer and chanting is therapeutic for the unveiling of the self to the mind.
All of these realizations have happened without her directly explaining them- to highlight the quiet fire
 that her presence kindles in the pure mind.I prefer in fact to surrender completely to the imaginative dynamics of her planned -yet -spontaneous classes , and witness the unpredictable twists and turns that her therapy and training provide a courageous platform for.
I have also learnt that Renu enjoys teaching through stark yet gentle contrast , that her body language and speech so effortlessly and bravely carries.It pushes me to remain as unpretentious as possible to the core , and to unashamedly , unravel the inner baggage and pranic blockages that prevent me from experiencing the independence and judiciousness of life to the fullest.
His classes are so technically sublime that one forgets that one is even being treated for therapy and has made a reliable and caring friend for life.
Thank you for everything (so far )Ratish
Anitha ram

 I joined the studio in May 2016 and Yoga was new to me or almost. I was immediately seduced by the asana practise  and the stretching effects on the physical level. In fact my practise has been based on the body since  the last 8 monthes more than on the mind. Nonetheless I am very quickly bored with aerobic classes or fitness  for fitness so I am glad yoga has other dimensions. After going to the Daily do yoga, 

I realized the larger picture of Yoga and I am definitly interested to go deeper into my yoga practise nowadays  ...(chanting, breating, yoga nidra, meditation ...) and more importantly I am very fond of the yoga philosophy  which gives us a lot of good perspectives in life. - Realize what the term Yoga means and that  it is not only practising Yoga (fitness) on the mat or doing asanas while wearing comfortable clothes ... 
Yoga is a more global concept, it is a philosophy and a discipline also. 
he answered that when asked the question how to integrate Yoga in our daily life in the city ? 
80% is karma yoga do your job ( @ office ) with full devotion and strive to achieve perfection 
the remaining 20% divide between asanas prayanam meditation relaxation chanting and reading philosophical yoga texts... 
=>equation applies to my daily life - Experiencing KIRTAN which is chanting. 
Already explained the great effect on the mind of chanting mantras ( improve concentration, good effects of vibrations). In fact,  I was not very confortable as a foreigner chanting mantras and also I am not religious  and I am finding sometimes Yoga too close to hinduism but experiencing
 it is so vibrant and energetic thing ! =>more interest in chanting
-in fact the day in the Daily do yoga was packed with activities no time to wonder or chilled out 
hardly and we were able to achieve so much and we were not tired even 
if we woke up daily at 4 am. That combined with reading a book from TN in which they explain 
the body rhythm and energy level versus day timing... 
=> am more convinced about benefits of getting up early and practicing yoga in the morning 
and trying to apply that to my life in the city !! 
- Interacting with the sanyasis was a really good thing. They are smart level headed people 
who are taking that path and that is really inspiring to see that and to see how energetic 
and bold they are living the I joined the studio in May 2016 and Yoga was new to me or almost.
 I was immediately seduced by the asana practise and the stretching effects on the physical level.
 In fact my practise has been based on the body since the last 8 monthes more than on the mind. 
Nonetheless I am very quickly bored with aerobic classes or fitness for fitness so I am glad yoga has other dimensions. 
After going to the I joined the studio in May 2016 and Yoga was new to me or almost. 
I was immediately seduced by the asana practise and the stretching effects on the physical level. 
In fact my practise has been based on the body since the last 8 monthes more than on the mind.
 Nonetheless I am very quickly bored with aerobic classes or fitness for fitness so 
I am glad yoga has other dimensions.